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Digital Audio

Multi-platform audio solutions that connect advertisers to audiences through the power of sound.

Programmatic Audio Advertising & Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI)

Deliver a personalized audio ad experience to your audience with targeted audio advertising across multiple platforms. Our systems use machine learning and artificial intelligence to reach your target audience through digital audio.

Reach engaged listeners on Canada’s largest audio advertising network across television, radio, and digital streaming.


Stingray and Bell Media have partnered to introduce AUDIO360, a national, multi-platform audio advertising solution. AUDIO360 is a multi-platform audio advertising solution that connects advertisers to audiences through the power of sound.

Campaigns include custom audio ad production.

TPX – The Podcast Exchange

The Podcast exchange helps brands connect with an affluent, socially engaged, and brand-loyal audience across Canada’s largest podcast network. With TPX advertising you can target over 7M+ monthly users in Canada* as they stream what they love.

The Podcast Exchange integrates your brand messaging directly into the content through host-read, brand-sell, or custom creative formats. Our targeting allows you to target our audience by formats, device, location, and more.

10M+ listened to podcasts in the last year*

7M+ monthly podcast listeners*

* Source: 2019 The Canadian Podcast Listener Report –

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