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Digital Out-Of-Home

Connect to your audience with strategically placed billboard, outdoor, and place-based digital screens across Canada.

Stingray can increase the effectiveness of your Out-of-Home ads with a modern approach driven by data and technology.

Stingray Digital Out-of-Home network connects clients with strategically placed billboard, outdoor, and place-based digital screens across over 200 vendors. Locations include a wide variety of digital screens in different locations including billboards, street furniture, restaurants, fitness centres, and more.

Make strategic decisions on when and where to run your out-of-home ads based on key locations, proximity, and consumer journey insights.

Stingray’s creative team will work with you to build ads that grab attention and can easily be rotated, unlike traditional billboards. Reach the right audience in key locations using Stingray Digital Out-of-Home network.



  • Flexibility to switch creatives
  • Daypart to reach the largest audience
  • Real-time reporting
  • Audience targeting
  • No charge creative
  • Custom audiences on location based media
  • Work across multiple DOOH types and providers

Reach Your Audience

Loyalty Marketing

Identify frequent visitors to your brand’s brick-and-mortar locations to reach and engage your loyal customers → Starbucks wants to target their loyal customers for an upcoming promotion based on devices that visit their location 3+ weekly.

Conquest Marketing

Discover prospects who are visiting your competitor’s store locations and convert them to your offerings → Aiming to convert competitive consumers, Starbucks creates an audience based on devices that frequent Second Cup and McDonald’s locations during the morning hours.

Lifestyle Targeting

Leverage behavioral patterns of target consumers to create audiences based on devices that visit a specific set of locations → An audience of “regular coffee commuters” might be based on devices that visit a Starbucks store 3+ days weekly and transit locations during morning and evening rush hours.

* Source: Hivestack

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